Custom Packages


Complete Packages:
What should I Look for?

A Complete Package might just be what you are looking for. It can provide you with a more Flexible and Relaxing Vacation. You will not be locked into a Set Schedule or Itinerary. It’s the “Buffet” of Travel. Basically you choose as Much or as Little as you please, in whatever combination you choose to fit your holiday needs. A Package merely ties all the Elements of your Vacation together in one easily, more manageable Package.

The Basics:
Is Cost an Issue for you?

If you were to call the Airlines, Car Rental Agencies, and Hotels, not only would you exhaust half of your day, but you would not be happy with your results either. We can put together a Basic Package for you including, the Airline Tickets, the Car Rentals and the Hotel Accommodations for you or for your group. Usually for much Less Cost and without any of the Hassles. We work with a number of Vacation Destination Specialists that can offer us Lower Rates that are not offered to the General Public. We pass on the Savings to You.

The Extras:
The “Buffet” is now open

There are many options that you can Add On. If you do not want a Car Rental and only need a Transfer or two, we can arrange that for you. Maybe you want to experience the fun and thrills at one of the many Theme Parks, we can include that in your Package. If you are on one of the Coasts visiting Family for awhile you may want to get away for a few days, maybe take a Short Cruise, we’ll take care of that too. Take a Helicopter Tour or go Scuba Diving. Let yourself be entertained by a Live Performance or a Local Scenic Tour. This is just the start. Chances are, if you can Dream about it, We can probably make it happen for you.

All Inclusive Packages:
The “Whole Enchilada”

We can make it even easier for you. Let us book you into an All Inclusive Resort. We have access to many Vacation Companies who specialize in All Inclusive Packages. Not only is your Air Travel, Transportation, and Hotel included, but your Meals, Drinks, many On Property Activities, Spas, Fitness Centers, and other Perks are included as well. These types of Resorts offer many Luxuries at an affordable rate. The Food is First Rate and the accommodations and surroundings are most inviting. You can choose the type of Resort you want and have many options as to the Destination. We offer both Family Resorts as well as Single’s Resorts. Most Resorts we offer also provide activities and programs within the Resort itself. You never have to leave the Resort. Everything you’ll need will be right On Property..

Having a Safety Net can make all the Difference

All Vacation Groups have strict Cancellation Policies. For a nominal fee you can protect your Vacation Investment by purchasing Cancellation Insurance. If you have to cancel your Tour, you will be reimbursed for the cost of your Package minus the cost of the Insurance. It really is a good idea.

Things you should Think About

While on your Vacation, whether it be an All Inclusive Package or a Custom Package, always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. You will have a Wonderful Vacation if you just be alert. Keep your Passport and ID on your person at all times and out of sight. Passport Theft has become a Profitable Business. If you plan on carrying a Hand Bag, Back Pack or Fanny Pack make sure they are well secured to your body and have sturdy Leather Strapping. Another great alternative would be a Money Belt secured underneath your clothing. Do not carry large amounts of cash on your person. Make sure you secure your valuables safely within your Hotels Room Safe whenever possible. Be smart and enjoy your Tour.