All About Tours

all about tours

Choosing the Right Tour:
Tour Operators offer many Options

Tours can offer as Much or as Little as you require. With some Tours, you can receive all the Bells and Whistles. Air Travel, Hotels, Meals, Transportation, a Tour Guide, as well as a set and regimented Itinerary. Many of these types of Tours cover allot of ground in a short amount of time and vary in length. They may feature various Attraction and Sites in several different Countries, as in Europe, or may focus solely on one Country. Many of these Tours include quite a bit of travel via Motor Coach with a Larger Group. You may want to know the Pace your particular Tour has set. If you’re a First Time Traveler, it is a great way to experience another Country.

Self Guided Tours:
Offers you More Flexibility

Some Tour Packages offer you More Flexibility. They can include basically the same Options as the Guided Tours but you can enjoy the Attractions and Sites at your Own Pace and not be part of a Larger Group. They may include a Series of Vouchers for the various Events and a list of Restaurants which participate in a particular Tour Program. This allows you spend as much or as little time as you wish at the Events and Attractions offered by your particular Tour Operator.

It can make All the Difference

Tour Operators have strict Cancellation Policies. For a nominal fee you can protect your Vacation Investment by purchasing Cancellation Insurance. If you have to cancel your Tour, you will be reimbursed for the cost of your Cruise minus the cost of the Insurance. It really is a good idea.

Playing it Safe

While on Tour, Guided or Self Guided, always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. You will have a Wonderful Vacation if you just be alert. Keep your Passport and ID on your person at all times and out of sight. Passport Theft has become a Profitable Business. If you plan on carrying a Hand Bag, Back Pack or Fanny Pack make sure they are well secured to your body and have sturdy Leather Strapping. Another great alternative would be a Money Belt secured underneath your clothing. Do not carry large amounts of cash on your person. Make sure you secure your valuables safely with in your Hotels Room Safe whenever possible. Be smart and enjoy your Tour.

What should I Pack

Tour Operators limit the amount of Luggage you are able to take and may vary from Operator to Operator. A good Rule of Thumb is to take as little as possible with you. Clothing should be limited. Make sure you have appropriate foot ware, you may be walking quite a bit and should be comfortable while doing so. Know what Climate you will be traveling to and pack accordingly. A light jacket is always recommended. If you have Personal Appliances you will need an Electric Converter Kit. You may want to view ” Our Travel Tips ” for more information.

In Closing:
One Final Thought

Tours are a Great way to Experience the many Wonderful and Diverse Cultures this world has to offer. They can give us Insight, Understanding, Compassion and First Hand Knowledge into other Cultures and other Peoples. Tours give us the Opportunity to share our Good Will with others and allow us to Experience the everyday lives of our Neighbors around us. With the current Climate Abroad, the best thing we can do on all our Travels is to set a Good and Positive Example. Take a part of Their Culture home with you and leave a part of your Culture behind with them. In the end, we all will have more Knowledge and a Greater Understanding.